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Commando Krav Maga

Commando Krav Maga, aka CKM, is considered by many experts to be the most devastating fighting system in the world. In CKM, you'll learn to defeat attackers (even multiple attackers) armed with knives, guns, bottles, sticks, baseball bats etc. Additionally, you'll learn how to debilitate your opponent immediately irrespective of his size, training background or experience level. Most importantly, you'll see immediate results.
The system is based on simple and reflexive moves that will save your life! The effectiveness of the techniques has been battle tested time and time again. Remember, CKM is taught to the most elite commando units and SWAT forces in Israel and around the world. Most importantly, you'll also be training your mind to be a winner as you will be able to confidently handle any of life's innumerable challenges.

"Simplicity is genius!" - Mini Aizik

In Commando Krav Maga, you will learn:


Guaranteed easy to learn reality based training.

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